• All you need to know about bringing home a newborn baby

    Feeding, Bonding, Handling Baby, Nappy Care, Resuscitation, Choking, Prevention of Cot Death & much much more .
  • Prepare for labour....

    Learn relaxation techniques...

    With support of your partner and armed with a proper knowledge, you can relax to shorten and ease your labour.
  • Hands on experience...

    Practice care on baby dolls.

    A baby doll is ideal for training the main principals of baby care. You will learn how to handle a baby - to change a nappy, bath a baby and more...

    Natural and healthy

    Learn everything about this natural way of feeding your baby.


The Birthwise philosophy is based on the belief that expectant parents need up to date, evidenced based information in order to make informed choices regarding their pregnancy, birth and how you care for your baby. Our course will leave parents feeling confident, assured, relaxed and prepared for their transition to parenthood. This is our commitment to you.



Small groups /1-to-1 instruction

Held on Saturdays

Up-to-date evidence based information

Practical demonstrations

Relaxed and fun atmosphere

Highly qualified experienced midwife

Approved by health insurers

Highly qualified midwife

For the last 13 years I have worked as a midwife in Ireland and abroad. I have the privilege of meeting and assisting labouring women and their partners everyday to bring their newborn baby into this world.  I am educated to master's degree (MSc) level. My expertise is drawn from my knowledge and experiences of helping child bearing women to labour to the best of their ability and to care for their baby. 

Fun and relaxed atmosphere

The thought of labour and having a new born baby for many childbearing women and partners can be an emotional roller-coaster. You may feel exhilarated, excitement, thrilled and delight, while others may experience some apprehension.  This practical based, fun filled, relaxed course is the ideal course to allay any fears you may have and to make your transition to parenthood an easy one. 

Approved by Health Insurers

If your health insurance policy includes Midwifery led antenatal education classes/course you may be entitled to claim up to 50% of course fee back. On the day of your course I will provide you with the required letter to submit to your health insurance company. 

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